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The digital transformation of maintenance starts with the management solutions you use

Efficient maintenance management is one that seeks to minimize the occurrence of breakdowns in machines, cells and production lines, integrating the control of people, processes, equipment and other resources. Living manufacturing, Bosch has developed a set of technologies to manage this very important activity. With this solution, you can measure the increase in the productivity of your assets, the optimization of resources (labor), the effectiveness of planned maintenance and the reduction of costs.

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Digital Maintenance

The solution for digital and integrated maintenance management that centralizes the management of processes, people, and maintenance inputs, reducing costs and improving production performance.

From maintenance to maintenance: solutions created by those who understand the subject

The solution encompasses a set of software that operates at the most varied levels of maintenance activity. The main enabling elements of this solution are: time optimization, cost reduction, planning and transparency of activities. This brings with it improvements to different aspects of management, as highlighted below.

Process management: allows more than one person to make changes to the software of a piece of equipment without losing settings — be it a lubrication plan or a machine manual.

People management: is the full optimization of resources associated with maintenance engineering tasks.

Input management: brings intelligence and security to the maintenance of cost planning.

Digital Maintenance is structured with open protocols, enabling integration into other maintenance management systems.

The solution for digital and integrated maintenance management

The high performance of maintenance converges to a set of software developed by Bosch through its experience. The objective is to build a partnership with customers, deepening the reduction of costs and waste in these activities.

  • Cost reduction
  • Greater availability
  • Focus on predictive and preventive work

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Time optimization

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Planning and transparency of activities

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Cost reduction


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