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Industrial engineering and technology also apply to manual assembly processes

Some production systems require manual application. This work system looks simple, however it should be designed with attention to detail and with the aim of providing safety, ergonomics, and productivity to the employee.

Processes & Method Room


Considering the time cycle for producing a product, or the volume produced within a period, manual assembly may be the best solution

Strategy and technology come together to optimize manual assembly processes

In the manual assembly process, employees will directly carry out activities according to the technical specifications of the product. Various mountings, manipulation, fixing, measuring, sealing, among other actions that need to be done but must maintain quality and ensure employee safety.

Bosch develops projects based on MTM (Methods-time Measurement) to improve operations and develop an efficient and constant working method.

More agility, comfort, and safety for professionals

Bosch applies engineering principles for the development of manual workstations. Solutions are developed based on work operations so that the product is closer to the employee, there is no ergonomic discomfort or accidents and the cycle time is stable. The physical arrangement is fundamental for the method to be efficient and maintain constant quality.

  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Employee Well-being
  • Work at a constant pace


The Method Room is the laboratory in which Bosch designs and develops these specific solutions

A complete solution for supplying components and organising your work by hand

Each of the projects is specifically developed for a demand and due to this customization there is a need for a place where solutions will be materialized. The Method Room is a space dedicated to the creation, assembly of prototypes and ultimate solutions.

In this laboratory, the Bosch team designs the manufacturing support systems required for the workstations. Always consider ergonomics, organisation and productivity when developing solutions.

Bosch solutions for manual assembly

In the Method Room, the Bosch team selects and develops solutions with the aim of achieving productivity gains in manual operations based on MTM concepts. They are solutions such as lifting devices, auxiliary equipment for load handling, development of workpiece carriers and others. 3D printing is used for prototyping to validate solutions and devices, also for creating tools for specific applications.

  • Focus on method
  • Creativity
  • Ergonomics and safety

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Employee well-being

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Ergonomics and safety


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