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Acquiring data that is "invisible" to the human eye is a real advantage in manufacturing management nowadays. We observe shorter and shorter product cycles and varying customer demands. This behavior leads to an unceasing search for process improvement and productivity gains. Bosch solutions are about connecting machines and production lines to simplify processes, reduce costs and enable implementation in every type of line.

Data Collector MES
Data Collector MES

Get the performance of your production lines

The Data Collector MES is a system that automatically monitors machine Kpis and production lines, ensuring a lot of manufacturing gains.

Data Collector MES: Get the performance of your production lines

Manufacturing management consists of a number of practices and technologies adopted to measure the processes and performance of the tool. After all, only by measuring results is it possible to seek specific improvements that will reflect in business billing. So, the basic idea behind this management model is data collection, log analysis, and action setting for continual improvement.

In this context, the Data Collector has been developed to automatically monitor the Kpis of the machines and of the production line. All numbers can be accessed via a desktop (PC), a tablet, or even a smartphone. The system’s objectives are to monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), identify technical losses of each piece of equipment, collect accurate data for deviation analysis, and monitor parts and the cycle time of the machines.

Data Collector MES
The Data Collector MES manufacturing benefits in Industry 4.0

Greater transparency can be achieved in the data, which helps a better understanding of processes. Analytics time is reduced, optimizing human resources as data is retrieved in real time. This entire structure creates a more mature foundation for the future Big Data. All this can be achieved with a low investment. You can extract information about:

TOP 5 technical faults

  • Real-time OEE
  • Shift monitoring
  • Various types of reports
  • Heatmap

Variable data collection with Data Collector
Variable data collection with Data Collector

Generate correlated data and prepare for the future

This type of Data Collector is a process data specialist version. Variable data is collected for a macro view.

Data Collector: Generate correlated data and prepare for the future

This type of Data Collector is a process data specialist version. Variable data is collected for a macro and broad view of the entire process. Some of the information obtained includes temperature, pressure, current and more. This means that any variable can be monitored.

In this way, these data can be worked on to better understand the status of the machines and processes, by correlating the records obtained by the Data Collector MES and even between the variables themselves. All this information generated brings a valuable input for the creation of a useful Big Data for the future decision-making of the machine learning application, among other enabling tools for a macro understanding of the entire production.

Variable data collection with Data Collector
Broad understanding of processes in manufacturing

The generation of actionable information for decision-making is achieved precisely by cross-checking the data. Without a specialist tool to handle all these records, this strategy would be virtually impossible. The Data Collector brings all the necessary functions and configurations to extract the information you need, enabling BI tool applications.

  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Trend analytics
  • Production insights

Management View
The solution for centralizing information

Integrate and compare various manufacturing lines

Management View is the solution that enables integration and comparison of various manufacturing systems, in the floor plan, national and worldwide.

Management View: Integrate and compare various manufacturing systems

Management View is a Bosch solution that centralizes the required information from the manufacturing lines on a single platform. Enables integration and comparison of Kpis from various manufacturing lines.

For example, let’s say you have ten assembly lines, on different company websites. Through Management View, the manager can have an overview of all manufacturing sites on a single management platform. This enables you to consolidate your data and generate comparative reports in order to understand your processes in a comprehensive and detailed way at the same time.

Management View
The advantages of Management View

Management View allows information to be centralized. This will ensure that all production lines are displayed. The system enables the registration of various floor plans and integrates with other databases. For example, an interconnection can be made with the Data Collector in order to view details about the performance of the machines. But you can also manually release the records.

  • Centralization of information
  • Big Data Generation
  • Visualization of critical machines

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