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Tool Management

With Industry 4.0, tool management gains in efficiency and quality

Tool management consists of control, monitoring, and performance improvement. Artificial Intelligence can point out in real time the productivity, quality of each asset (tool), the effectiveness of planned maintenances, adjustments notes and/or other important tool data, traceability with anti-fraud systems and integration with company management systems.

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Tooling Monitoring

The Bosch solution for seamless management and data collection in real time

The Bosch solution for seamless management and data collection in real time

Artificial Intelligence - Tooling Monitoring maximizes asset utilization (tooling)

When sensitizing the tool, real-time qualitative and quantitative data collection starts. This enables different parameters for productivity, quality, deviations, and costs to be managed with greater efficiency, maximizing operations and decision-making.

Some of the main features of the software are: performance management of the tool/tool group, lifetime and preventive maintenance, email/SMS alert systems, traceability (indoor location) and fraud, not to mention a wide range of reports.

Tooling Monitoring collaborates to improve tool management and performance

Accurate real-time information promotes asset reliability, enabling the smart use of capital, reducing costs and waste.

  • Intelligence for moldings and stamps
  • Tool lifetime
  • Maintenance management
  • Traceability
  • Location

Wins for your process

Control of maintenance effectiveness

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Improve tool performance


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