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Industrial engineering services help you to optimize your results

The Bosch Industrial Engineering Consultancy is a study about the best manufacturing system, which aims to support companies on the best design of the work system. Basically, it is through this study that the best route for the processes is defined. A good example is the definition of a guide that helps the operator to assemble the product on a production line. This guide evaluates aspects such as: ergonomics, runtime, physical arrangement of the workplace and equipment.

Bosch: Industrial engineering services help you to optimize your results

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Plant Simulation

Digital Manufacturing can help plan and optimize production lines, even if they don’t yet exist in practice.

Technology as a production systems optimization strategy

Plant Simulation is a production process simulation technology that helps define the best strategies for a plant. Enables the creation of Digital Twins (digital twins) of production lines, in order to analyze the optimizations that can be done on the factory floor.

This technology helps plan and optimize production lines, even if they don’t yet exist in practice.

From planning to lines that are in operation, Bosch offers the right solution

Through Plant Simulation, both the performance analysis and the identification of floor plan improvements can be used to plan new production lines (Digital Planning). This means that the optimizations are already done before they even exist, which is a super advantage.

The idea is to be able to visualise impacts in production, based on productivity indicators and performance effects criteria. This enables you to scale production scenarios and point out the indicators favored by the simulations.

Benefits of Simulation

  • Digital copying of processes;
  • Impacts on production;
  • Various production scenarios;
  • Optimization of resources (such as time and capital).

Process Planning Guide (GPP)

Take a look at the Process Planning Guide workshop offered by Bosch to generate productivity gains.

Bosch advice on optimization

The Process Planning Guide offered by Bosch is a workshop that aims to generate productivity gains by indicating suitable equipment based on demand and the ideal production model. Project and quality engineers are involved with the product and identify the best production planning.

This workshop applies both to customers who already own a product, but don’t yet know how to assemble the cell, and to those who already have a line in operation, but still plan to optimize the productive process.

Workshop Content

  • Planning;
  • Design analysis;
  • Investment and return scaling;
  • Quick setup.


Ergonomics are indispensable in every work environment. Being able to implement it is a way of improving the health and well-being of employees. Find out how Bosch advice helps promote ergonomics on the work environment.

The practical application of ergonomics at work and its relation to health

Ergonomics focus is on improving work conditions, so that employees have more safety, health, and comfort in carrying out their activities. This reduces the risk of injury and consequently reduces distances and distances.

The goal here is to empower teams to identify ergonomic risks in processes and to have insights about ergonomics to maintain a proper posture at work. They also advise on the correct handling of products and equipment. This applies both to manufacturing employees and to administrative teams.

How the ergonomic consultancy offered by Bosch works

The first step is to identify the efforts made on the workstation and to quantify them using ergonomic tools. If required, an action plan is drawn up to implement enhancements, which includes regulating or exchanging securities and other assets.

An ergonomics training is also carried out that provides basic knowledge about proper postures, natural movements, and risk factors.

How the study is done

  • Drawing up action plans;
  • Identification of improvements;
  • Ergonomic trainings.

FOL (Flow-Oriented Layout) and 3P Workshop

Study and analysis to implement best practices for the life cycle of a product in the factory.

Find out how Bosch consulting can help optimize the performance of Industrial Engineering

It is a consultancy focused on analysing the steps of a product’s development in manufacturing. A timeline is created to detail the processes and tools used.

Then we can apply Industrial Engineering from process design through to project preparation, through concept development and approval of machine use.

A solution that meets a wide variety of production processes

All phases are covered by Industrial Engineering, which can be done by applying the GPP, both for products that already exist and for the lines that will be implemented.

In this way, it can be said that the solution offered serves different audiences, from companies that are starting a new line but don’t yet know where to begin, to those that already have products developed and want to optimize processes.

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