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A more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing system tailored to every demand.

The manufacturing system adopted by a company directly impacts its results. Organizing the production system in cells provides more flexibility, allowing it to maintain maximum capacity, to meet different demands with the same agility and quality. Bosch develops customized projects to meet the needs of not only one segment, but each organization, based on the characteristics of their processes and products.

A more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing system tailored to every demand.

Processes, Integration & Application


Projects based on technical specifications and the product to be manufactured

Selection of the best technologies for each process

Each product has its own technical specification, so the implementation of manufacturing cells is carried out based on the study of these specifications. Bosch conducts this engineering study to simulate the production process, getting details of how these products will be assembled in each operation.

Based on the characteristics of each organization, develop a project tailored to the customer’s needs. The goal is to fully customize the production line with unique solutions, to bring agility, flexibility, and reduce costs regardless of demand scenario.

From design to project completion

Bosch supports everything from designing manufacturing cells to putting them into practice. This support is led by a project leader who will take care of all details of implementation in a transparent way and with active communication.

  • Meeting customer requirements
  • Searching for the best solution
  • Transparent guidance
  • Delivery in quality


Technologies that operate joints to achieve maximum efficiency.

Integration of the cell components is indispensable for achieving efficiency

The main goal of creating manufacturing cells is to bring flexibility to the production system: meeting different demand scenarios, varying only the number of operators, and integrating, in addition to the process, the logistical flow.

Integration of manufacturing cells also involves employees

The cells will be operated by employees, so Bosch applies projects focused on ergonomics, taking care of the safety and quality of life of the workers. This reduces the risk of accidents and occupational illnesses.

  • Ergonomics (workstations suitable for NR 17)
  • Optimized logistical flow (WIP stock reduction - work in process)
  • Maximum productivity
  • Standardized working method

Wins for your process

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Maximum productivity


Standardised working method

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Optimized logistical flow


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