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A proactive vision in Industry 4.0-based energy management

Energy management is one of the main pillars of Industry 4.0. This is the monitoring of the energy use from the micro to the macro, which means that it provides a holistic view of all production processes. The motivation behind this initiative involves environmental issues, cost pressures, regulation, or even organization proactivity toward efficient consumption. Modern energy management systems can exploit a large amount of collected data to drive improvements.

Phantom Bosch


An Artificial Intelligence-based Edge, enabling energy management and machine monitoring

Artificial Intelligence for energy efficiency

The Phantom is a monitoring AI based on a non-intrusive sensor installed at the machine’s power supply input. An artificial intelligence algorithm scans power signatures, analyses consumption, generates operational data, and metrics.

The technology enables real-time monitoring, generating precise data that facilitates management and enables more assertive decision-making.

Advantages in deploying Artificial Intelligence for energy management

The Phantom enables the management and transparency of an important power input. Through current signature and using AI techniques, data is collected in real time, reducing costs and expanding the profit margin of the production process.

Energy Platform

Energy Platform

Optimize energy management with solutions that centralize information

Optimize the energy platform with solutions that centralize information.

Management practices and technologies that favor energy efficiency in industry are a real path to more sustainable practices in the industry. These solutions collect and gather all data in one place, answering questions about machine energy consumption in real-time.

When we think of an Energy Management solution, it’s possible to work, for example, with the digital twin (or digital twin), a technology that mimics virtually every process and tool, from the floor plan to the machine.

This gives the manager a systematic view of the entire manufacturing process. You can view the floor plan and analyze how much megawatts you spend per hour or approach the view to evaluate a specific piece of equipment. It all depends on where the measuring points are installed on the company floor plan.

Energy Platform
Gains from efficient energy management

The cost of energy is constantly under discussion in industry since it has such great weight in the manufacturing process. Environmental protection is also a real challenge. Efficient energy management in the 4.0 era enables you to find out which machine consumes the most and where the waste is. Bosch itself leads by example: according to the company’s calculations, all 400 company locations around the world have been carbon neutral since 2020. Bosch is the first industry with global operations to reach the zero-carbon footprint of the energy it generates and generates externally.

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