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What will customers want in the future? They will require a wide range of different and customized products. Therefore, future production must be able to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge. Companies interested in implementing Industry 4.0 can contact and schedule a meeting. Bosch pays an initial visit to understand what the demand is and which solutions are best suited to it. Once the partnership is complete, you follow up using a KPI as a parameter to evaluate the results. With more than 120 years of manufacturing experience and one of the pioneers in developing I4.0, Bosch wants to help customers on this journey.


Expertise and efficiency deliver better results for industry

The maturity assessment by Bosch professionals identifies strengths and improvements to start the I4.0 journey.

Expert advice can bring various benefits to your business

For companies that are beginning the transition process to Industry 4.0, it’s important to make this journey without wasting money and time - two precious resources for business. Bosch is a pioneer and has experience in this regard. It therefore helps to find ways to make this journey more efficient.

One of the factors that needs to be highlighted is the fact that Bosch is not just a consulting company, but also has manufacturing experience in its DNA in everyday work.

In this process, it is common to identify that customers' needs can be met with solutions far easier than they expect. Only practical experience provides this kind of knowledge.

The consultancy assists the process of transition to Industry 4.0

An assessment is made, which helps you to understand which solution is to be implemented, based on the strategy. To do this, the processes are mapped, identifying all inputs and outputs.

In this process, the basic stability of the production system is an important factor for success.

  • Implementation plan
  • Interpretation of results
  • Strategic projects
  • Project prioritization

Wins for your process

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Implementation plan


Project prioritization


Interpretation of results

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